Monday, March 8, 2010

Parents: Welcome to the World

Dear parents: I hope you take no offense to the following post. Thanks.

Ahh, Purdue students. Welcome to the longest week of your life. We're only five days away from spring break. I hope you're headed somewhere warm. Anyway...
So, I was at a party this past Friday night. And let me tell you: it was C-R-A-Z-Y.

That's me on the left!

Naw, that's not really me. And don't worry, the party did not get too crazy. In fact, a couple people started taking pictures. I have to say that I am not at all ashamed of the pictures I am in. In fact, there are two posted on my Facebook profile. When these oh-so-shameful pictures appeared on Facebook, a couple of my buddies were asked to be un-tagged. Well, I thought it was weird cause the pictures weren't bad at all. But of course, I obliged and untagged them. I was a little curious as to why they were so concerned about perfectly acceptable photos being on Facebook:

Look! Mom and Dad know how to use a computer!

It's not old news that lots of parents today have Facebook accounts. Is it wrong that they have Facebooks? No. Is it a little weird? Yes. I mean, technology is changing. Parents like to have them because they can keep up with their co-workers, family members, and most of all: their kids. Yes, technology has allowed us to do new, crazy things. Facebook was originally intended for college students to network. It has obviously become much more than that. There are good and bad things that people can do with Facebook.

Parents-- Let's be honest: 90% of the reason you even got a Facebook was because you could keep track of your kid. Now, there's nothing wrong with that. But you secretly hope it will deter them from making wrong choices. I have a secret to tell you:


Seriously, we're not. I know you mean well, but just because you have a Facebook isn't going to stop your kids from doing anything. Now, a couple of my friends had me un-tag them (again, from perfectly acceptable photos) for the following reasons:

Friend #1: "Yeah, my parents would probably pull me out of college."
Friend #2: "If my Dad found out he would hang me!"
Friend #3: "My parents are real sticklers."

The three people who spoke those words are in the photo below. Per their request, I have pixelated their faces. You know what we were doing? We had a couple beers. Come on parents, you know your kids are drinking in college. Hell, you sent them to Purdue, IU, and Ball State! Those schools have some of the largest Greek systems in the country!

Looks pretty crazy to me...

Do you mean to tell us that you did not drink in college?
We know you care about us, but think about it: Your parents didn't stalk you back then.
It's life and we all have to experience college some time... Let us do it without you breathing down our backs.

Of course, I'm not condoning anyone to do anything illegal...
Again, I hope you parents out there don't get offended by this... Just wanted to tell you reality.

Have a great spring break everyone.
Shitski out.

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