Friday, December 4, 2009

A Shoutout to the Bus Drivers

Today, we got out of German 15 minutes early. Wunderbar (German for wonderful-- duh). I make my way upstairs and outside-- to where it's 27 degrees Fahrenheit. And that's before the windchill... bottom line, it was pretty damn cold outside. I make my way to the bus stop and wait for the silver loop bus. I wait for a few minutes and bus 1701 pulls up. Ah, my favorite bus. It's one of those newer electric hybrids that doesn't smell. It's also one that's twice as long with the thing in the middle which helps it turn. Think back to a movie which features a city in India. Yep, now you know what I'm talking about.

I get on the bus and say hello to the bus driver. Sometimes she's friendly, sometimes shes not. Today it is the latter. Oh well, we all have those days. I make my way to the back of the bus and grab a seat. As we make our way to the Union and Memorial Mall stops, this bus will get packed. We make it to Memorial Mall and there's a ton of people waiting to get on. There are a few people who decide that they don't want to wait. They decide to get in the back doors as others are getting off. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a no no. You need to go in the front of the bus so the bus driver can count how many get on.

She noticed that a few individuals had done this so she gets on the intercom and tells them that next time they need to go in the front. They sneer and call her a bitch and a few other things. Fine, whatever you want. As the bus starts to fill, the middle of the bus gets clogged and people aren't smart enough to move to the back, to let more people on. She gets on the intercom once more and tells people that the bus isn't going anywhere until they move back. Still, people don't understand this simple request. At this point, I feel bad for the people still waiting outside in the tundra. I feel bad for the bus driver that has to put up with selfish, rude, and arrogant college kids. I feel bad for the college kids who are still making their rude remarks about her (I also feel bad for them cause they're not smart enough to understand what "move to the back of the bus" means).

I salute you, bus drivers. I salute you for putting up with my classmates' antics. They're not very bright. I also apologize on behalf of my university for everything you've had to put up with this semester. Thanks for being there when I want a warm, dry transport so I don't have to walk a few hundred feet.

Again people, like yesterday, let's try and make courtesy common again. So next time you're getting off the bus, wish your driver a great day, a good evening, or a simple thank you. Without our bus drivers, it could be much, much worse.


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